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Waking up in a strange room within an ethereal dollhouse, a young girl must travel with her rabbit companion to escape the confines of the rat and "Tinker" infested halls. By exploring each floor, they will be tasked with puzzles and strange etchings, hostile and amiable sentient toys, and vicious creatures... All the while being stalked by the being known as "Stayawhile", aiming to trap not only the duo, but everything existing in his world.

TinkerQuarry is a Surreal Horror RPG (Role Playing Game) loosely inspired by The Nutcracker ballet. The game is rendered in a top-down pixelated art style reminiscent of early RPGs, with the addition of fully illustrated cutscene images for major moments as well as character introductions. Combat is turn-based, and uses a customized layout of RPGMaker2003’s battle engine to give battling a unique look. Players’ choices can influence the outcome of the game, as there are a variety of splitting paths one can take to deal with different situations & ultimately reach the final goal

*07/18/22 Update! The Steam Edition's "Quality Of Life" In-Development patch is now bundled with the original release here as an optional experience. Patch notes included in the ReadMe!

Current Stable Version: v.1.1.0
Current Development Version: v1.5.02
Art & Programming: Hallowraith
Soundtrack: Antriksh Bali
Soundtrack purchases and listening provided via Spotify and Bandcamp.
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Bandcamp Album: TinkerQuarry Soundtrack
Spotify Playlist: TinkerQuarry Soundtrack

-f5 will open window settings, even outside the main menu
-If you encounter any bugs or other issues with the game, please send a report to the #bug-reports section of the TinkerQuarry Discord Server 

Release date Sep 13, 2019
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Horror, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, rpgmaker2003, Singleplayer, Surreal
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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TinkerQuarry [Original Release] [Stable] 655 MB
TinkerQuarry: The Quality of Life Patch [Development] 644 MB

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I was considering playing this game (I had gotten it from a bundle), and while I like horror I don’t like jumpscares, does this game have any?

This game does not have any jumpscares, though there will be flashing lights from time to time so keep that in mind if you decide to play it!

Also thanks for purchasing the bundle! <3

I recently finished this game, and I liked it a lot! I think the story and characters were excellent, though the unsettling atmosphere is also very good. I look forward to replaying it to see if I can get different events or endings!

Very nice game! Lovely pixel art and deliciously creepy athmosphere. A very interesting rpg!


This is such a creepy game! I think it creates a really good atmosphere of being a dollhouse from the beginning, and the characters are all quite interesting. Haven't been able to finish the game (I am not particularly adept at combat) but I will keep trying, I want to know what happens!